the maul book by schalk holloway

The Maul Book by Schalk Holloway & Gavin Coleman

The Maul Book attempts to highlight and address the fact that the latest technology and research shows that the brain undergoes very specific changes in its functioning during a close combat incident.

Whether training for self defence, law enforcement / military close combat procedures, or traditional martial arts and sports fighting – under certain conditions the brain will switch from one mode of functioning to another.

The Maul Book is the first book to delve into this research, and through extensive testing within different close combat environments, integrate this research into new and fresh training methodologies. 

The Maul book is a must for any practitioner from any martial arts, self defence, close combat or tactical environment, as well as for instructors serious about providing the best training developed and influenced through the latest research.

Here’s what you will learn from The Maul Book:

  • What the latest research teaches on the brain’s functioning under certain conditions.
  • Old brain models that have now been shown as defunct and obsolete.
  • How the changes in brain function influences performance and decision making within highly dynamic environments.
  • How to better identify and select targets within high speed and ever changing situations. 
  • Techniques, tactics and training methodologies that work WITH the brain and it’s different ways of functioning.
  • How to apply this research into any martial art or close combat training system.
  • The core knowledge base of The Maul as an example of how to integrate the research into an existing system.

* Please note images are mockups. Whereas the covers will appear as displayed the thickness of the book changes according to the format ordered.

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