disciples fault by schalk holloway

Disciple’s Fault by Schalk Holloway (Book 1 of The Brooklyn Saga)

Frank Night is a lay minister that spends all his free time running interventions in at-risk communities. When the tiny community of Brooklyn, Cape Town, offers him two new cases, an unconventional stabbing leading to the death of a local boy, and a self-mutilating girl that disappears one Saturday night, he suddenly finds himself with much to do and manage.

A diagnosed neuro-divergent, his interactions with others are strained and complex at the best of times. But when the stress from these two interventions, as well as what seems like a neighbourhood that’s set itself against him, starts to mount, he finally loses control. Just for an instant he becomes the man he used to be. Unfortunately for them, that single misstep places his wife firmly in the crosshairs of one of the local monsters.

* Please note images are mockups. Whereas the covers will appear as displayed the thickness of the book changes according to the format ordered.

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