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Schalk’s Little Books by Schalk Holloway

Schalk’s Little Books is a collection of concise treatments on certain martial arts and combative related themes and topics. All the books are just under 10 000 words in length and purposefully designed to be easily digested and referenced.

Schalk’s Little Book on Fundamentals

Everyone in the martial arts, combatives, and sport fighting environment – whether boxing, mma, wrestling or whichever – desires to master powerful striking and effective takedowns. Striking and takedowns, after all, are the two primary tools in the martial arts and combatives practitioner’s arsenal. However, when we do not understand the fundamentals behind these tools they inevitably degenerate – strikes become less and less powerful and takedowns are ineffective and easily resisted or countered. This Little Book serves as a concise explanation of – and reference for – these fundamentals.

Schalk’s Little Book of Combative Principles

Combatives, both in the sense of a set of techniques as well as a complete system, runs on very specific principles. These principles differ significantly from traditional martial arts and sport fighting systems. Most frequently combatives are applied within combat, law enforcement, police, security or self defence contexts. This means that the risk of severe injury or death is ever present. When we don’t understand or incorporate true combative principles into our training we run the risk of losing within a context where losing can cost us our lives. This Little Book serves as a concise explanation of – and reference for – these principles.

Schalk’s Little Book for Brothers

This Little Book is an attempt to concisely unpack and highlight the principles that underlie true brotherhood. If it’s successful it might help some of us understand the word in a more healthy and balanced manner; and it might help some others, at the very least, to be more careful when they use the word, but hopefully, to know that when they do use it, that it should actually mean something.

* Please note images are mockups. Whereas the covers will appear as displayed the thickness of the book changes according to the format ordered.

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